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Admissions Details:

 Acceptance into this Professional Option is based on:

  • Desire to receive a Specialization in Urban + Community Design, including a Graduate Certificate
  • Academic standing
  • Solid commitment to urban life in Houston (Houston as a Laboratory of Learning)
  • Self-motivation and strong work ethic

Acceptance into the Graduate School must be completed prior to consideration of participation. Participation in this program is only for students accepted into the Master of Architecture, 173 hour degree plan at Texas Tech University. Admissions information to this degree can be found but cutting and pasting the following url into your address bar: http://arch.ttu.edu/wiki/Admissions.

Students interested in participating in the Houston Professional Option Program should review this website, complete the form (accessed by link above) and then contact the director via email noted below.

Students begin the program the fall after comprehensive studio completion (see exception below). All students receiving their Urban + Community Design Studies Certificate will take Urban Theory instead of Architectural Theory. Urban Theory is taught as a distance education course in the Fall semester. Students completing their BS in the spring semester will take Comprehensive Studio in the summer in order to enroll in the fall semester in Houston.

Students will conclude their curriculum in Houston with the Studio + Practicum requirement. This includes a summer independent research course in preparation for the fall studio project which includes a mentor-led, firm-based studio. During these 7 months, students will be working in an architectural or architectural related firm (construction, project management, engineering, or architecture). 

Director assists students with placement in firms, but the merit of the student's work and the market ultimately determines their ability to be placed. The full 1-1/2 year option has seen 90%  placement to date in practicum. The 10% is largely a result of students that sought out other job offerings or students that were one of multiple practicum students in a firm hiring only one full-time employee upon graduation. Houston has a strong job market and strong students meeting firm qualifications typically receive placement offers prior to completion of their final semester of study. Your ability to get placed is a reflection of your performance in the practicum experience and your past work in studio. Students must be in good academic standing with the Graduate School and must maintain a 3.0 gpa for placement.

Permanent Jobs: The program has a strong track record with students receiving a full-time job offer after their practicum period. Job offers are a result of a strong work ethic and ability to meet individual firm goals. No student is guaranteed placement after graduation. 

NOTE: Students are expected to participate in local program field trips, outside architectural exhibits, lectures, and others determined as relevant to the academic agenda of the program, and/or as required by faculty. This includes membership in AIAS and the Houston AIA Urban Design Committee.

Contact Director with Questions