CITY Facts

(source: Business Insider, 2014 unless noted otherwise)

  • Fourth largest city in the nation
  • Most culturally diverse city in the nation (surpassed NYC in 2014)
  • Over 90 languages spoken
  • Ranked #1 in Job Creation nation-wide
  • Highest average earnings per job (adjusted for cost of living) among US major metropolitan cities
  • Home to 5 of the top 10 ranked architecture firms in the US (by Arch Daily)
  • More park space than any other top 10 metropolitan area with over 50,600 acres (by Arch Daily)
  • Top museums with over 10 in a 1.5 mile radius
  • 88 Super Neighborhoods are defined to strengthen public participation and manage growth needs (source:
  • Houston Medical Center is larger than downtown Dallas and is the largest medical center in the world.

 The City of Houston is the largest US city without zoning. Technically, zoning exists around the airports, but this is not considered a city with zoning. You'll understand how this changes the shape of city form as you work in studio and learn from local organizations and practioners.

Downtown Skyline from Memorial drive

Studio work sessions help to define design issues relevant to student research.

Williams Tower, Galleria District

Japanese Gardens, Houston

Downtown Market Square

Hermann Park

Jones Plaza - light path from Pennzoil Plaza

Slot between the two Pennzoil Plaza towers

Meetings with professional organizations are integral to student learning 

We take field trips that help students to better understand how public projects take place.

Houston's Discovery Green with Guy Hagstette, AIA

Studio reviews allow us to bring in professionals in the Houston market. Faculty show student work at the end of semester faculty walk-through.

Discovery Green Water Park, Downtown

Buffalo Bayou Park

Studio Reviews at HOK

The Menil Collection, by Renzo Piano, 1986.

Studio bike ride along Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou confluence

Jones Plaza

Republic Bank by Phillip Johnson

Discovery Green Park, Downtown Houston

Waterwall at Williams Tower