Graduate Curriculum - MASter of architecture in Houston: 

Options for Program Start Semester:

Spring entry will only take place under special circumstance and requires approval of director (Urban Tech Studio must be completed). All students must undergo a curriculum audit through the director.

For detailed curriculum of the full Master of Architecture degree, please see:

Prerequisites: ARCH 5601 - Integrative Studio + ARCH 5354 Integrative Systems

Up to 9 graduate study hours can be taken in your last undergraduate semester.


ARCH 5501 -Adv. Arch Design                         5 HRS   (taught in Houston) Topical Urban Design Studio I

(Includes ARCH 7000 - GIS Workshop)       1 HR       (taught in Houston)

ARCH    - Urban Theory                                   3 HRS     (taught online)

ARCH 5392- Professional Practice                 3 HRS     (taught online)

ARCH 5301 -Infrastructure in the                  3 HRS     (taught in Houston)     Urban Environment                                                    

                                                   TOTAL           15  HRS

Note: Beginning 2018-19, Architectural Theory will replace Urban Theory


Practicum   -    Work in Houston Firm 32-40 hrs / week

ARCH 5301 -  Ind. Study - Research Topic    3 HRS    (taught online)   

                                                  TOTAL                3 HRS



ARCH 5601 - Integrative  Studio (or summer)    6 HRS   (taught in Lubbock)

ARCH 5354 - Integrative Systems (or summer) 3 HRS (taught in Lubbock)

                                                          TOTAL         9 HRS

Integrative Studio and Theory may also be offered in summer school depending on College Budget. 5901 is taught in Lubbock.


ARCH 5502 - Adv Arch Design                    5 HRS      (taught in Houston)        Topical Urban Design Studio II

ARCH 5384 - Comm. Design &                   3 HRS       (taught online)               Development Resources

ARCH  5334 - Adv. Const                            3 HRS       (taught in Houston) 

                                         TOTAL                  11 HRS


Practicum       Work in Houston Firm 32- 40 hrs/week

ARCH 5503    Adv Design Studio - Practicum Studio

Mentor-guided studio with firm                5 HRS       (taught in Houston)  

                                               TOTAL         5 HRS

TOTAL GRADUATE HOURS:                       43 min*

*Note, this degree is a part of the full Master of Architecture. See curriculum here: