“Being a part of the Houston Professional Option has given me an opportunity unlike any other in that I was able to not only finish my graduate degree, but also to jumpstart a great career that I am very passionate for. The Houston Professional Option really puts graduate students in the fast lane to success, with amazing opportunities to really network within leading and influential innovators in the field of architecture, urban design, and supporting disciplines as well as first-hand experience in an incredible environment. Making the move to Houston was the best decision of my college career, and an extraordinary opportunity I may not have been afforded elsewhere. The program has done wonders for me and really set me up for early professional success, the experience and opportunities throughout are simply invaluable and I am eternally grateful and proud to be able to be a part of it all!”

Justin Burns, 2014

Justin completed his practicum with Gensler where he continues to work today.  

"The Houston Program and Practicum program gave me the opportunity to experience an exciting and diverse city while working towards my degree.  I feel that I am on track towards a successful career due to the education and networking opportunities I experienced while attending classes within a professional setting.  I have received a truly unique education that has helped shape me as a person and mold me into a young professional."

Noella Cantu, 2011

Noella completed her practicum with Vaugh Construction because she wanted to learn more about this aspect of practice. She then was hired by Page as an intern architect.

"Joining the Houston Program and Practicumwas one of the best decisions in my college career. The educational experience I gained through first-hand contact with practicing architects prepared me the most for my next step into the professional environment, while the dedication of the program director helped me open up doors to take that next step!"

-Michael Morow, 2011

Michael completed his practicum with Turner Duran Partners. He was offered a job after graduation, but made the decision to take a position with Humphries to learn more about the development and urbanism side of practice.

The Texas Tech Urban Design + Practicum program has proven to be one of the more influential decisions I have made in forming a career in architecture. The urban fabric and infrastructure of Houston has far exceeded my expectations, not only as a place to live, but as a place to learn and gather first hand observations regarding architecture, urbanism, and their various relationships. The opportunities and direction that are given and earned in this program are truly an invaluable experience.”

-Greg Roffino, 2012

Greg completed his practicum with Curtis + Windham Architects where is is currently employed.

"I’m really thankful to have been part of your program. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for you and your dedication to the students. I honestly consider you to be one of the most influential mentors I’ve ever had."

-Howie Chin, 2013

Howie did his practicum with Gensler where he currently works today as an intern architect.

"The Houston Program and Practicum has been a great opportunity to not only receive my master’s degree, but to also begin networking with architectural firms within the Houston area. As Houston, Dallas and Austin are the top three cities to obtain a job within the Texas region, this program proves to be the best opportunity to strengthen the likelihood of securing a position in a firm after graduation. With high expectations and a curiosity for learning more about Urban Design, I could not be more pleased with my decision to enroll within this program."   

Rene Hoelker, 2012

Rene completed her practicum with Milestone Project Management where to continues to work today.

"The Houston Program and Practicum provided the perfect opportunity to pursue a graduate degree in something I was passionate about and at the same time create a smooth transition into the professional world. I gained practical knowledge and professional connections that I might never have been afforded somewhere else. I loved knowing I was furthering my career before even finishing my degree. Houston is a fantastic place to learn about urban design and a wonderful place to start a career. This program really made all the difference for me and I can’t say enough positive things about it."

-Ali Mace, 2012

Ali completed her practicum with Wilson Architectural Group where she began her career and spent two 1/2 years furthering herself. She recently made a move to Perkins + Will here in Houston.